Pre Engineering Building Manufacturer

Pre Engineering Building

We have the strategic and technical abilities to work on any scale while meeting rigorous customer specifications. Close interaction with your team helps us clearly understand your needs. A computer-assisted design helps create a building for a specific use, whether it is for industrial, commercial or institutional occupancy. We offer Pre Engineering Building & Pre Engineering Building Manufacturer, Pre-Engineered Building System, one-stop building experience including design and manufacturing of the rigid structural frame, beams, purlins and grits, trusses, columns, cladding and roofing, followed by erection and commissioning.

Pre Engineering Building Manufacturer

Every building that we make is the result of excellent workmanship. Equipped with hitech machinery, we create beams and columns with close tolerances. Sophisticated welding techniques ensure that the welds are absolutely seamless. Our insistence on using high tensile steel is to manufacture robust frames that can withstand adverse weather conditions like earthquakes, high velocity winds and extreme humidity. Stringent quality checks enable us to incorporate safe structural design and offer maximum space utilization.

Our buildings come as an all-inclusive package, which greatly simplifies the installation job. They are supplied as a fully finished product along with steel structure, roofing, cladding and building accessories. With no on-site fabrication or welding required, they can simply be bolted together as per the specifications. Moreover, they are virtually maintenance free.

Engineered to perfection, our PEBs symbolize the right combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Parthcon Engginfra Pvt Ltd

A] Tapered Column Clear Span Upto 60 Mtr

B] Multi Gable Upto 80 mtr

C] Multi Span (MSI) upt080 mtr

D] Multi Span (MS2) Upto 80 mtr

E] Multi Span (MS3) upto 100 Mtr